Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Danger Red’ Lipstick Campaign


“Just as bad men have his irresistible attraction, dangerous women also have a fatal temptation. YSL’s red has such a “danger” and “charm”.” YSL’s latest Campaign “Dangerous Red Lips” creative and Director Wang Limin explained to us how “danger” was born. In this three-part online short film series, the first stage is the “Elevator” released in January. The Korean model Liu Zhian, who has a charming charm in front of the camera, spiked the audience as soon as he appeared, perfectly interpreting the “danger” “Incarnation. In the second “Bar Chapter” released last week, there was an additional man chasing “danger”-of course, only the obsessed Oba dare to play such an adventure game. He is Rain , YSL’s Asian spokesperson .

Elevators and bars are probably the most prone places for “Yan” (Yu) in the city: “Elevator is a small space, but (the elevator in the film) is retro and old-fashioned, with textured iron doors, which are constantly flashing The lights have a mysterious and sexy inside, and they are very impactful with red lips.” Wang Dao said: “The bar itself is a scene with many stories. You may encounter a passerby in the bar, but A woman who you can’t forget for a long time, such a space allows you to have a lot of imagination.”

The three short films are to be completed in Seoul in a day. This seemingly impossible task has achieved unexpectedly beautiful results. Especially the “Elevator” that I played temporarily: “Originally, the elevator told the story of Rain and Liu Zhian. Because our shooting was overtime and we couldn’t shoot Rain’s lens, we would have this personal performance of Liu Zhian. But I I feel quite satisfied with the result now. She is very suitable for such a space and form.”

In the film, most of the black and white tones highlight the flaming red lips of YSL. This style is reminiscent of the classic movies of “One person has a little color” ( Pleasantville ) and “Schindler’s List”. Wang Dao, who graduated from the London Film Academy, has his own experience in using the style of genre: “I have always wanted to try the form of Film Noir (film noir), and I think it is very suitable for this Campaign, it makes women appear more’dangerous’ “. In “Noir”, “Dangerous Beauty” is almost a fixed character. In addition to the attempts to screen, Wang Dao accurately controlled the fast pace of advertising, rock music and compact editing, and created a cutting-edge international fashion model in three dimensions.

What’s interesting is that the “Bar Chapter” could have been “dangerous”. In the director’s edition, the heroine put the lipstick on top of her lips more provocatively and put on the look of two beards, especially like the two moustache on the mask of V for Vendetta” . . However, it is said that this bold version has not won the favor of YSL in the end, then let us exclusively offer this version that we think is more interesting!

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(Director’s Edition of “Bar”)

Production Company: DDS
Producer: Tina
Director: Wang
Limin Photography: Jin Chenyu
Editing: Zhu Hong

If you want to know more about director Wang Limin, you can click to see our exclusive interview.

Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘Danger Red’ lipstick campaign has been setting loins astir with a concept that’s aimed at evoking passion, temptation, love and desire. Who better to personify ‘flirting with danger’ than Rain, Korea’s top pop sensation? He had been selected by the Loreal Group to be this year’s face of strength and sensuality for the Asia market, specifically Chinese-speaking countries. Directed by Chinese director Wang Limin who is known for his high-profile commercial work with brands such as Mercedes Benz, Chivas, Adidas and Uniqlo, he was approached by YSL to pick his brain for ideas. In the end, Wang took the lead in becoming the primary creative force behind the project by multi-tasking as director and writer and putting together the entire production team.

Director Wang Limin completed the “impossible mission” of three short films a day. Director Wang Linmin on the set.

The timely release of three commercial episodes featuring Rain and sultry Korean model, Yoo Ji Ann couldn’t be more apt with the advent of Valentine’s Day. But it isn’t the typical rose petal or chocolate box romance that drives the trilogy. ‘Danger Red’ like its name suggests, is about defying convention – to simultaneously shock and seduce. Provocation is what inspired Wang to work in film noir. The only flush of colour depicted is Yoo’s red-hot lips, bringing to mind similar cinematography in motion pictures Pleasantville and Schindler’s List, where colour symbolizes transformation of an otherwise dull black-and-white existence. For Wang, it is the fatal and inexplicable attraction that is inherent in the red that influenced his elevator and club scenes. Wang chose a small vintage elevator with the intent of building the mystery between Rain and Yoo. Owing to limited time, he filmed only Yoo who in turn successfully delivered the air of elusiveness in such a narrow space.

In the end, Yoo’s solo performance makes for a great transition to the club episode with Rain embarking on a wild goose chase of Yoo through a the smokey underground. His tenacious pursuit proves fruitless and we’re left with a glimpse of Yoo rouging her lips before disappearing into the crowd. What is more intriguing is Wang’s alternate version of this same scene with Yoo drawing her lipstick above the lip, literally ‘drawing outside the lines’. She brandishes the upward curl of a moustache that is at once reminiscent of the Guy Fawkes-masked vigilante in V for Vendetta. Needless to say, the subversive moment didn’t make the cut. YSL thought it misleading and incongruous with the brand image. An irony, perhaps? But a super cool spot, nonetheless.

If you want to know more about director Wang Limin, you can see our exclusive interview here. 

Source: Shpplus.com February 14, 2015 by 中: Maggie Cheung | 英: Nizhen Hsieh

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