RCAW Videos Statement

Here you will find our Cloud’s Video Collection of our Beloved Rain. Videos will be sub-categorized by the year we uploaded/ re-uploaded them. Some where made by us, and others were captured*. We hope you will enjoy them all. We love Rain and all his Clouds. Here is our latest video . . .

Our purpose for capturing certain videos of our precious Rain is to be able to preserve his videos on the Internet. To many good videos of Rain have been deleted from the internet over the past few years. Please note, that we do not remove other’s tags, so any photos/ videos that our not tagged as our own, will show the original owner/ producer.

Please let us know if you have any problems loading/ viewing any of our videos, or if you have any other problems with our website. We will be very happy to accomodate your needs, in every way we can. Thank you for visiting our Cloud, and … Please LOVE RAIN FOREVER!!! ;o)

Blessed Be & Be Well,

Shari R

* Please Note: Photos/ videos that do not have a tag signature, are an unknown. So if you recogize you photo/ video, then please contact us at rain.cloud.america@gmail.com with the following details [proof that the photo/ video is yours; your name; your tag signature, and the link on our website where the photo/ video can be found]. We will be happy to add your credit and your tag signature.


Please Select Your Language:

한국어 بالعربي Pilipinong हिंदी italiano Melayu Română
Türkçe 中國 français magyar 日本語 Polski Español
اردو dansk Deutsche Indonesian português ภาษาไทย Tiếng Việt

Please excuse any discrepancies in Google Translations. If you wish us to add your language, please let us know. Thank you. ^ ^

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