Sonic Bang Videos

Click on ‘Credited Video Owner’s Photo’ to view their SONIC BANG THAILAND 2013 video!


RADCLOUD          miyu2luv          vegefru lovely              Beau Bo

~RADCLOUD~                ~miyu2luv~                 ~vegefru lovely~                  ~Beau Bo~


EricSungForever          HugGyu Prae          Wilaiwan Ewecharoen          pollyanna0625

~ERicSungForever~      ~HugGyu Prae~       ~Wilaiwan Ewecharoen~      ~Pollyanna0625~


Nuanjan Aryuyean         NineEntertain Modernnine        jinny jung         6685179

~Nuanjan Aryuyean~   ~NineEntertain~                 ~jinny jung~                     ~6685179~


Ratoka201223-2         Yoshimin rain

~Ratoka201223~       ~Yoshimin rain~


A huge thank you to all our Clouds who were present at Sonic Bang festival, for sharing all these wonderful videos. Please express your thanks by also leaving a comment on their youtube channels. You will also find their links below their videos.  Thank You Clouds!!!



Posted By: Shari Randall



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