Rain’s Gift to Our World

Hello, this is Shari R. Co-Founder of Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide, with a special message to all Rain’s Clouds around the world. My apologies for taking so long to talk about this. My daughter became very ill, and my family is my first priority. So I hope you all will understand.

Many of us were recently stunned by Rain’s sudden declaration and marriage, which shook the very foundations of the Cloud world. Some us are hurt because he told us that he had no plans to get married only weeks before he was married. Some of us were very shocked by his actions, by him not being totally honest with his fans/ Clouds.

Having said that, this beautiful man, who has brought so much happiness to our lives. Does he not deserve his own personal happiness? This man has selflessly endeavored to bring such Joy and valiant integrity to our personal lives. How can we not give back to him some of the love he has given us for over a decade of his life? His heart never skipped a beat, as he worked so hard to make our lives a little brighter.

When I think back to when my Husband Philip became tragically ill, and died. I stood upon a precipice, holding my broken heart in my hands. Not knowing whether or not I had the strength to go on. I found Rain. A sad little boy, who had lost his Mother to Diabetes. A young lad, who was determined to shine so brightly, that his Mother might see him in heaven. So many times, falling into tears, at each small success. Visiting his Mother’s memorial to share in his successes, and his heartbreaks. Allowing us to invade his most private and precious moments.

I knew then, as I know now, that Rain has given my life a very precious gift. The gift of a better way of life. During a time of great sorrow in my life, Rain’s music gave me a private place to heal my own heart. Walking along side him these past years, sharing his every joy, repaired my broken spirit, a little more with each passing day.

Why did he keep his plans to marry a secret from us? Well, that is the question on many Cloud’s minds. It certainly was my thoughts …at first. But then, why should we expect more of him than ourselves. Would you not want your own wedding to be a very personal and private affair?

When I think of all the joy Rain has brought to my life, in these past years, and how many beautiful people who have come into my life. Personally, I owe Rain a debt of gratitude, that I will never be able to repay. He deserves our love, loyalty and respect for his privacy.

I once stood upon a precipice, wonder whether or not to jump. It was not Rain, the entertainer, but it was the man, Jung Ji-hoon, who turned me around, and set my life on a different path. And that path, led me to a wondrous place among Rain’s Beautiful Clouds. There, I found so much love and kindness, as not to be found previously in my life. Some, have moved on, and some have stayed. All remain in my heart for life.

After I became one of Rain’s Clouds, many other Clouds shared their own personal stories with me. About how Rain has changed their lives for the better. Gave them a new purpose, or a fresh start in life. How he brought light into the darkness of their world. With each new story, I came to love and respect, this man named Jung Ji-hoon, more and more. He had a special gift, that he wanted to share with the world. And he found happiness, in the joy he gave to us.

How can anyone turn away from this beautiful man? How can we not repay him with the same love and devotion he has given us since he was that young boy? A young boy, with a tearful heart at the loss of his Mother? How can we abandon him, now, when he needs our love the most. I will stand beside him.

Rain, the entertainer, belongs to his Clouds. We have shared his joys and sorrows. We shared the fantasy of that special place he held in each of our hearts. But in reality, Jung Ji-hoon, the man, does not belong to us. He deserves the privacy and respect that he has earned through the years. By selflessly giving his every waking moment to spread love and happiness around the world.

For everything Rain has given to us. Sharing his life, his talent, his joys, and even his sorrows …we owe him more than we will ever be able to repay. But we can start, by giving him our love and support, now, when he needs us the most.

To Rain, and to his loving new bride, Kim Tae-hee, I wish to celebrate your union and share in your joy. All my hopes, that the two of you, will always remain Happy and Healthy, and will soon add children to your union, to bring even more joy to your family and your faithful Clouds.

In life, every person, must choose their own path. For me personally, I will continue to love, support, and respect Rain and Jung Ji-hoon, for as long as my life and health will allow. I hope you will join me and all of us at Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide, and remain a part of Rain’s Loving Cloud Family always.

Blessed Be, and be well and Happy.

From My Heart,

Sharon  ‘Shari R’  Randall-Friday
Exec. Dir. & Co-Founder of
Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide

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