Rain’s Future Dual Strategy

Rain Creates Dual Strategy by Setting Up One-Man Agency
and Joining Another Agency

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Singer and actor Rain unfolds his dual strategy for his career by setting up a
one-man agency for his singing career and joining a separate agency for his acting career.

An industry insider revealed on October 3 that Rain is planning to set up a one-man agency to pursue his singing career. The point person to lead this one-man agency is someone Rain has known for many years while he was under JYP Entertainment as a trainee. This one-man agency will focus on Rain’s singing career and plan out his concert performances.

To boost his acting career, Rain has signed on with the “H” Entertainment. The CEO of the “H” Entertainment has experience managing numerous well known Korean actors while working at the “C” Entertainment. It appears as though the names of the agencies are still a secret.

So, what is the reason behind Rain’s decision to pursue this dual route? It seems clear Rain is laying down his foundation to pursue two different disciplines by implementing his dual strategy. Rain, who is currently juggling two hats as a singer and an actor, plans to place more emphasis on making movies rather than dramas. That is the primary reason why he decided to sign on with “H” Entertainment whose CEO has ample knowledge in managing actors. Rain is currently said to be in discussions concerning several scripts.

Many fans and industry insiders stay focused on Rain’s move to see what type of results this dual strategy will bring about for his future endeavors.

Wishing the best of luck to Rain!

Source: [03-Oct-15][Soompi]
Please note that this has yet to be confirmed by Rain. However, whatever Rain may decide is best for his future, we will always love and support him.

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