[UPDATE 2: 18 June 2014] Ji-hoona’s Birthday parcel included 2 copies of his Birthday DVDs [1 PAL, 1 NTSC], case to keep his DVDs in, and a Birthday Card from his Clouds. The DVDs are over an hour long, and include Clouds from 29 countries, including the USA. With all their lovely photos and birthday message for our beloved Rain. Last minute participation from Cloud Indonesia & Cloud Malaysia [via Noraini], Californian Clouds [via Feli], and Rain Cloud Chile [via Adette], help to complete this project and make it a success. Thank you all so much!


Along with the DVDs I also finally sent Jihoon’a the blanket I made for him during this past year. The Blanket, which I crochet myself, was meant to be sent to him last Christmas, but I was unable to do so. The Blanket travelled with me while in the process of making it … from England, to Iceland, and then various places within in the USA, including Boston, Washington DC, Cincinnatti, and Chitown, IL. 😛 Thanks to our Sister, Susaye’s generousity, I was able to send the blanket with Ji-hoona’s Birthday DVDs. This blanket was made in Ji-hoon’s Mother’s stead, as she is not here to make things for him. In the hopes, that it will keep him warm during the Winter month, and in rememberence of his Mother’s embrace. Thank you all again for making this Birthday DVD a success. Love from all of us at Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide ^ ^



[UPDATE 1: 18 June 2014] For all our lovely cloud Family who participated in the Birthday DVD project for Rain, you will be happy to know that the DVDs arrived safely at Rainy Entertainment in S.Korea yesterday, Tuesday, June 17th [enclosed postal info]. Rain always checks just before his birthday. So, our Ji-hoon’a will have his Birthday DVD’s in time.  I am SO HAPPY!!!

Happy Birthday Ji-hoona


There were so many sleepless night,and little food for me with this project. My own fault for continuously extending the deadline, so that more people wouldhave the opportunity to send Rain their message/ photo in celebration of his 33rd birthday. Thank you all so much for your participation in this project. Susaye received her copy today, and is very excited about it. I am sure she will share those feeling with you all as soon as she is able. Our Sister is a bit busy these days  I could not have accomplished this beautiful gift with Susaye and all of you. From every inch of my heart,I thank you!!! I love you all so so so so so MUCH!!!


FINAL DEADLINE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT [US PDT Pacific Daylight Time] Posted Sunday 4/27/14 at 12:28pm. Only 12 hours remaining until deadline. Please hurry if you wish to participate and send your privatemessage and photo to Rain. For project guidelines, please view the following video before submitting. Thank you.


  From all of us @ Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide     Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice:


Posted by Shari & Susaye


Arabic Chinese (T) Filipino French German
Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese
Korean Malay Polish Portuguese Romanian
Spanish Thai Turkish Urdu Vietnamese

Please excuse any discrepancies in Google Translations. We realize that while they are not entirely accurate; However, we feel that it is a worthwhile endeavour to try to reach more people in our support and promotion of Worldwide Entertainer Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain. We hope you will view with the love of Rain in your heart, and appreciate our efforts. Thank you. ^ ^


7 responses to “RAIN’S BIRTHDAY WISH DVD 2014

  1. happy birthday rain … may u have more bday’s to come and long life to live, more success and more project with song hye kyo, i love to see you and song together again in koreandrama, god bless… im janet from philippines

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  4. I just finished Nursing school and I was bored, I was on you tube looking for movies when I saw this korean movie “Full House”. I started to watch it with subtitles of course.

    Sad to say that while I was smiling at Rain, and admiring how beautiful he is. My love life turned sour and my career just started, and it was only this korean movie holding my sanity together.

    While my 10 year relationship ended, I did not even cry. I continue to watch Rain “Sangdoo, let’s go to school” I cried a river…strange isn’t it?

    But..to make it short..Rain..you helped me through the toughest episode of my life..and hope someday I will meet you in one of this airports 🙂 Fighting!! saranghae..

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    • Thank you for your sharing your story with us Rose. Rain is a brilliant light in our world. I’ve heard many touching stories about how Rain has blessed people’s lives.

      I’m truly sorry to hear about your sadness. When you get to be my age, you learn to accept that somethings were never meant to be. Perhaps you had to lose one love, to gain a better one. All my hopes for you in your future sweetheart. And congrats for finishing nursing school. 🙂

      I was diagnosed with diabetes and a hereditary degenerate spine condition, then my husband suddenly fell ill and passed away. I gave up on life. Two months later, I found our Ji-hoon’a. His radiant personality, humble loving heart, soulful music and delightful dramas, helped me to go on. No other person has effected my life in this way. I didn’t want to go on living, as much as, I could not bring myself to leave him, and have been by his side since that day.

      I Founded Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide as a tribute, to our beloved Rain, and all that he is. I will Love, Support, Promote, and protect him, until the last breath of my life. ~ Ajumma Shari R.

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    • If you would like to participate in our DVD project for Rain’s birthday, then please send us your photo and the message you wish to send him on his birthday. To tell Rain how he has blessed your life, would be a wonderful gift.

      If you wish your message and photo to remain private then you can email them to us at rain.cloud.america AT gmail.com thank you ~ Ajumma Shari R.

      Ajumma Shari R.

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