Rain비’s Beautiful Heart

When Dahly and Rain first met

Dahly Virgie
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Dahly’s sister Tita Virgie sent me this photo last Friday. I think the M&G winners were only given their group photo with the Fugitive cast, but AYC was gracious enough to send Tita Virgie this additional photo from that event. This was the moment when Dahly and Rain first met.  I will just quote what Tita Virgie has sent me via SMS so that all of us will read a first-hand account:

This was what those who said that Rain wasn’t sweet towards Dahly did not see. It’s because we were the first ones to enter the room. The moment we stepped in, Dahly said, “Hi” and he smiled at her. I was about to bring Dahly to the far end where Daniel Henney was but Rain motioned with his hand indicating that Dahly should be placed beside him. The girl member of the cast (Lee Na Young) stood up to give way so that there will be some space for Dahly to be beside Rain.

This was Dahly’s ‘kilig moment’ (moment of giddiness) with Rain: when we were already beside him. I was arranging her at her wheelchair and Rain assisted me by holding both her arms to fix her place. Dahly told him, “ang bait mo!” (you’re so kind!). (Aww! ) How I wish the photographers caught it on their cameras.

That was Rain’s inner goodness. A spontaneous act that is not showbiz. I know Dahly, she’s very sensitive towards behavior of people and I know that he was sincere when he did that. When we went to Manila Hotel, all we expected to happen was the photo op because Dahly didn’t have the illusion that special attention would be given to her. So we felt that what Rain did to her wasn’t just for show. It came from his inner goodness. If he was in a bad mood that day, there was a reason for it. I know because I’ve been counseling for 25 years. Even Dahly knows that he was tired and wasn’t happy.

In the (group) pic, Dahly wasn’t looking at the camera. She said she just wants to look at Rain’s face. After the picture-taking and before we left, Dahly told Rain, “I love you!” and he smiled at her. The moment we stepped out of the room, that was the time that she let it all out and spazzed. She was giddy with happiness. She felt special and she cherished those moments. As we in the family would always say, Rain’s trip to the Philippines was a miracle for Dahly because it came at the time when Dahly was grieving over the death of our father (note: their father passed away about two months ago). That’s why we are very grateful to all Clouds for exerting their efforts to help her win. Every time I think of the photo op and the concert, I know that God makes miracles.

Now, Dahly is not depressed anymore. She’s very happy and excited to see her neurologist; days before the concert, we asked for his permission if Dahly can attend the concert and the Meet and Greet and the doctor specifically asked her to tell the story when she comes back. I really want to thank all Clouds. Our family is very grateful and it meant a lot to us because our father loved Dahly very much. He must be smiling in heaven to see Dahly very happy.


“This was just one of the many Beautiful Stories about South Korean World Star
‘Rain’ [Jung Ji-hoon], and just one of the many reason’s people all around the world
‘Love and Support Rain.”
~ Shari R.

Article credited to: Agent P’S Headquarters

Article Original Date: SEPTEMBER 27, 2010

Photo credited to: Virgie Manalo and Cloud Philippines

Story Discovered By: Bernadette Gemeterio

Story Posted By: Shari Randall

Please note, that if you share this story on your webpage/ blog, then please give proper credit to the author of the story Agent P, as well as Rain Cloud Philippines for the brilliant photo they were kind enough to lend to the story. Thank you.

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