Rain ~ Still Believe

This is one of the sexiest videos that Rain ever made, and one of my personal favorite songs. Everything about this video exudes Rain’s natural sexuality. He even jumps sexy. lol Not to mention, I love Rain in any clothes. Ji-hoon would look sexy wearing a potato sack. But I have to say, I love the way he wears blue jeans.


Youtube Video Credit: ArDis824


Released in April 2006, “Still Believe” was Rain’s first digital single. It was originally available via the Korean BMW website, and it’s release was intended to promote the their new BMW Movie Short, starring Rain. [Full version shown below in 3 parts. The promo music video plays at the end.]




Youtube Movie Video Credit: itsrainismworld


Song: Still Believe
Released: April 2006
Languages: Korean & American
BMW digital single
Label: SOUL Records
Producer: JYP Ent.


Posted By: Shari Randall



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