Rain Is Praised by Director Chen Ming Zhang

Rain Is Praised For His Memorization Of Chinese Dialogue In Upcoming Drama


Rain is the star of the Chinese Drama ‘Diamond Lover.’

On January 22, Korean pop vocalist Rain appeared at a press conference for his upcoming Chinese drama, “Diamond Lover.” The press conference, which was held in Shanghai, was also attended by his “Diamond Lover” co-star Tang Yan.

The program’s director, Chen Ming Zhang was absent from the press conference, attributing scheduling conflicts and his filming schedule as contributing factors which hindered his attendance. For compensate for his physical presence, Director Chen Ming Zhang issued a video greeting for reporters.

Members of the media who attended the press conference presented Rain with several questions addressing his grasp of Chinese, even though he is a Korean artist. As a result of the press conference, the Chinese online outlet Sina published an article in which Rain is praised by Director Chen Ming Zhang for his command of Chinese. The director highlighted Rain’s acting ability and willingness to learn the Chinese dialogue.

According to the Korean outlet Enews, a reporter asked Rain, “What is the secret behind your outstanding communication in Chinese?” Rain succinctly responded to the reporter, “I can communicate if I just look into the eyes. I’ve been studying Chinese too.”

Rain portrays the head of a diamond supplier. “Diamond Lover” is a romantic comedy which centers on the pursuits of a woman who emerges from obscurity to become a beautiful and treasured person.

Filming of “Diamond Lover” started in early December. “Diamond Lover” is a co-production between China, Korea, and Taiwan. In addition to Rain, the drama features a star-studded cast including Chinese stars Tiffany Yang and Luo Jin.

Source: kpopstarz.com  



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