Rain비 Live Performances

Select Concert Photo to go to download pages. Our purpose is to promote Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) worldwide.  We appreciate your comments. We have tons of photos that are yet to be uploaded to our website, and thank you for your kind patience. Gamsahabnida!


c3-1            999592_560416000673061_2031227950_n2              1375020_630854490288501_914318838_n

~ Adieu Concert 2010 ~              ~ Sonic Bang 2013 ~       ~ Super Boy 2013 ~



Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice:

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Please excuse any discrepancies in Google Translations. We realize that while they are not entirely accurate; However, we feel that it is a worthwhile endeavour to try to reach more people in our support and promotion of Worldwide Entertainer Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain. We hope you will view with the love of Rain in your heart, and appreciate our efforts. Thank you. ^ ^



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