Rain Has ‘NO’ Plans For Marriage Yet!

Photo Credit: Vogue Mini

Rain and Kim Tae Hee are NOT headed down the aisle, despite recent rumors suggesting otherwise. A representative from Rain’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, categorically DENIED any rumors that the couple have finalized their wedding plans.

Parents from both sides have NOT even met once. After talking to Rain himself, says that there has been NO talk of marriage yet,” the representative said, reports Allkpop.

There has not been a formal bow between bride and groom, and neither of their families have given permission for marriage. They have NOT spoken about it yet, and Rain is puzzled as to why their alleged marriage continues to make headlines,” the representative added.

Murmurs of an imminent wedding resurfaced this month amid news that Rain purchased real estate, which could serve as the new home for the couple.

This is not the first time that a Rain-Kim Tae Hee wedding has been speculated. Last year, the couple was revealed to have been baptized in the presence of family and friends, an action that was seen by some as proof of their strengthening bond as a couple which then spurred on the marriage rumors, reports Allkpop.

Back then a CUBE Entertainment representative DENIED the wedding rumors, saying “While it is true that the two of them recently got baptized, it was not for the purpose of getting married.”

“There has been NO discussion at all about marriage.”

Rain has been spending time helping his label mates succeed such as creating memorable choreography for the new girl group CLC, as well as considering offers for his next acting project such as the leading role in SBS drama The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days alongside Ha Ji Won.

Sources: Rain (himself) [Jung Ji-hoon] / CUBE Entertainment / KpopSrarz.com / And a dozen other well known sources!!!

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”And if you still did not get the gist of all that … RAIN has No plans to get married yet! So please stop upsetting this sweet man with your constant prodding, poking, and the spreading of false rumours! If and when Rain plans to marry, he will tell us himself!!!

For those whom are unfamiliar with Korean customs/ traditions, the dating periods in South Korea [especially among the upper classes/ high profile celebs] are strictly adhered to. It is a very long process. Which consists of many respectable dates, and getting to know one another. This is tradition and the way they discover whether, or not, the couple are compatible. During the dating process, marriage is not even considered.

Because Rain and Ms. Kim both have extremely busy schedules, they have only had time for a handful of dates, and are still in the process of getting to know one another. They are both respectable people, and believe strongly in their traditions. So please, leave them alone, and stop being so pushy and rude!

If our beautiful Rain is ever to be able to get married and have a family, then he must be able to date in privacy, and hounded by reporters/ fans. There are plenty of public moments for the press, so please have some respect for Ji-hoon’s privacy and give him space to ‘live’! Thank you [gamsahabnida] 🙂 ”

~ Shari R.

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