Rain Signs ‘LoVo’ 2 Year Contract

How to sleep on the bed of the male god Rain 

love ad 2 year contract

Billion state power network exclusively learned LOVO Carolina textile sub-brand has signed for South Korean entertainer How to sleep on the bed the of male god Rain – Rain Brand Ambassador of the new season, continued to force “male color economy.”

It is reported that, LOVO endorsement contract with Rain from March this year, for a period of 2 years. This endorsement will play March 18, met with the public through online advertising, outdoor advertising and other means. Carolina official said the advertising and marketing investment “at least ten million.”

LOVO signed Han Rain

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Carolina side said, will be the main “man of God” concept, held a “fake man of God,” on-line, with the topic of interactive activities, but there is some control over the contents of the “How to sleep on the bed man of God,” and so on.

Billion state power network learned, LOVO previous quarter spokesperson for “The Vampire Diaries” actor Ian Sumner Helder. In general textile industry spokesmen for women, why stick with male spokesperson, Carolina area, said female consumers get together place more suitable male color economy, causing consumers yearning. In addition, male spokesperson enabled, increasingly high consumer loyalty, brand users think LOVO interesting, fun. Meanwhile, sales data have some help.

lovo 3


Although the play “male beauty economy” concept, but the ad will not be too exposed, partly because Rain comeback after image positioning, on the other hand is considered too exposed Carolina is not suitable for advertising.


Why did you choose for the new season as the spokesperson Rain, Carolina was told billion state power network, spokesperson of choice is determined by the user. LOVO brand in the micro-letter do consumer surveys, and then voted on by consumers, and ultimately decided to speak with the Rain.


This result and taste LOVO mainstream consumers ages 28-38 tally, this group is more mature in mind, in its vote, and there are close to Rain votes Hyun Bin, Deng Chaodeng actor. Carolina aspects considered, Rain positive, healthy, full of positive energy, and LOVO advocated personalized fashion, consistent with the spirit of freedom and upward.


According billion state power network is understood, LOVO is independent registered e-commerce brands Carolina textile operations, in March 2009 on-line operations. After on-line, LOVO + settled Lynx and other platforms marketing channels by way of self-built network operations. June 2014, LOVO substantial increase in sales, comprehensive over Carolina, entered the top three textile category sales.

Source: mp.weixin.qq.com

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