Rain♥ & Kim Tae Traveling to Jeju Island

jihoona-n-taehee-jeju 2015

Top-star couple, Kim Taehee and Rain have made plans to travel to Jeju Island together.

According to insider source, recently Rain and Kim Taehee have purchased open ticket heading to Jeju and are adjusting their schedule. As soon as they adjust both schedule, they will leave together to Jeju.

This is their first accompany trip in this year. It is known that they decide to plan the trip as they have wrapped up busy schedule and now have free time.

Rain spent last year and this year traveling Korea, China and Europe for Chinese drama ‘Diamond River‘ shooting. At the beginning of this month, Rain has finished drama shooting completely. On March 21th Rain went to Shanghai, China for beverage CF shooting and will come back on March 22th.

Kim Taehee also had busy schedule for Chinese drama shooting until the beginning of this year. She has wrapped up the shooting in February and after that she visited USA to taking photo shoot and some rest  around lunar new year holiday.

From the last year, the couple has been enjoying free date. The two spotted in amusement park in LA, 2012. In last June fans found the couple enjoying their date in one meat restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul. Kim Taehee visited Rain’s drama set and cheered the team at the beginning of this year.

The couple have been continuing their love since they admitted their relationship. Rain received Catholic baptism attended by Kim Tae hee who is known for her devout Catholic faith.

Source: Star News // yakorea

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