Rain Considering Hong Sisters Drama

hong sister drama

After Kim Woo Bin turned down the offer to act in the Hong sisters’ new MBC drama, ‘Feeling Good,’ Rain seems to be the next candidate!

His agency Cube DC told Sports Today, “Rain received an offer to appear in ‘Feeling Good‘ and is currently reviewing it; he has not yet confirmed.”

The drama, previously entitled ‘Jeju Island Gatsby,’ is still undergoing casting, but there is a high level of anticipation already considering the talented sisters behind the work. The Hong sisters have already penned crowd favorites like ‘The Greatest Love,’ ‘The Sun of My Master,’ and ‘My Girl.’ It is set to air after ‘Angry Mom’ sometime in the middle of May.

Another offer Rain is reviewing was revealed to be ‘7,000 Days, the Time I Loved You.’ Cube DC stated, “We heard it was such a good production, so we are looking at it. Rain has not confirmed for that.”

The drama will be based on a Taiwanese work entitled ‘In Time With You’ and is likely to air after drama ‘My Heart is Shining’ and ‘Divorce Attorney is Dating,’ so it looks like fans will have to wait a while for it.

The drama will be written by writer Min Hyo Jung of ‘Full House,’ which previously starred Rain as well, and ‘Rooftop Prince’! It’s bound to be really good, then, don’t you think? Especially considering how successful original drama was, as well. In addition to Rain, Ha Ji Won is up for candidacy to be the female lead.

Meanwhile, Rain is currently preoccupied in China as Cube DC revealed, “Currently, Rain is busy with beverage CF promotions. He’s receiving movie and drama appearance offers in the country and is reviewing them diversely.


Source: AllKpop

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