Possible New Korean Drama For Rain



Rain ‘in talks’ to star in new Korean drama ‘Indian Summer’

April 21, 2014 @ 10:52 am

Rain may be making his comeback in Korea as an actor as he received an offer to join a new drama.

His agency Cube DC told Star News on April 21, “Rain recently received an offer to star in new drama ‘Indian Summer,’ which will be directed by Producer Lee Hyung Min.”

However, it is yet unclear whether he will take on the role as the agency continued, “We’ve only received the offer; nothing has been confirmed yet.

Rain had previously worked with Producer Lee through popular KBS 2TV drama, ‘Sangdoo, Let’s Go To School‘ in 2003.  People are widely curious to see how their next collaborative drama might be if he accepts this offer, which will make ‘Indian Summer’ his first drama in approximately four years since KBS 2TV’s ‘The Fugitive: Plan B.”

Stay tuned to see what he will tackle next as an actor.

Source: allkpop

Posted By: Shari R.

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3 responses to “Possible New Korean Drama For Rain

    • Gracias por tu comentario, mi amiga. Vamos a mantener dedos cruzados para que nuestro querido Ji-hoon’a encontrarán un drama coreano que él se adapte en un futuro próximo. Me gustan sus películas también. Sin embargo, prefiero sus dramas, porque que lleguemos a ver más de él sobre una base regular … y duran mucho más tiempo! La última fue hace unos años cuando lo hizo el ‘Fugitive: Plan B’. Nunca fui muy feliz con cualquiera de los scripts dramas, sólo disfruto de viendo y escuchando a Ji-hoon’a. Aunque han mostrar sus talentos extraordinarios. Personalmente, me gustaría ver a Ji-hoon’a una en drama romance singular. Sin que el triángulo típico, muriendo en el extremo, o el sufrimiento … pero entonces, es el drama coreano. lol Hugs, Shari R.


  1. Well, this is exciting news. Rain stated in a previous interview, that he was searching for a new Korean Drama, but that he would prefer to find one that will be filmed on one location. Not sure yet what the movie ‘Indian Summer’ is about, but Rain said he was looking for another Romantic drama. Let’s hope this one suits him, or that he finds one that does soon. We sure do miss him, and it would be wonderful to see him in a drama series again.

    Saranghae Ji-hoon’a!
    ~ Ajumma Shari

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