Rain비~Incheon 8/25/13

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Rain at Incheon Airport on August 25, 2013. Coming home.

Posted By: Shari Randall

Photography Credit: As Shown in Photos

5 responses to “Rain비~Incheon 8/25/13

  1. i’ve been waiting for your  comeback for a long time
    now you are here..
    i m really happy to see you oppa!
    no matter what you wear or pictures taken in any angle, you look fabulous


  2. chingu, i swear this man replaced my morning cup of java…..what a total surprise he gave us today…i’ve been hooked to my pc all darn day….just can’t get enough of this look, this fashion, his classy approach in both airports. ALL WITHOUT SAYING A WORD…..i’m just left without words….my first time ever to support an entertainer, but Jung JiHoon is so human with no pretense and the skills he’s blessed with is just a added bonus……i gotta give myself a break and rest….(this has been a breathtaking experience today)


    • I agree and empathize totally, I have been on cloud 1009 all day. It is such a joy to see him, and looking so well. I am on pins and needles awaiting footage for Ji-hoon-ah’s Sonic Bang Performance! With the first photo, my cousin must have thought I was having a heart attack in my bedroom. lol This man thrills me in a way that no other has in my entire life. I will follow him on my hands and knees when I can no longer walk. I love you chingu. thank you so much for your beautiful comment. ❤


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