Rain비의 Clouds

Rain비의 Clouds & Fans Across The Globe


Drown In The Rain ~ Argentina~

Cloud Bolivia

RAIN Cloud Bolivia – 비


Bi Rain – Bulgaria

Bi rain (Cambodia) we wait you

Rain Cloud Chile

Chinese Official Rain Cloud

RainCloudHK [China]

Cloud Rain Colombia

Clouds of Denmark (Bi Rain)

Cloud Ecuador Rain Fans

Clouds Egypt ♥ RAIN ” Jung Jihoon ” ♥

비’s French Fanbase

Rain Germany

Rain Hawaiian Cloud

Cloud Hungary: Incredible RAIN / 헝가리구름: 대단한 비

Rain Bi for Cloud Indonesia

Bi Rain Cloud Italy

Rain Japan Official Website

The Cloud Korea

Rain World [Korea]

Addicted To 비 Bi RAIN (Malaysia)

Rain Clouds Mexico (Magic/Palito Chuchu)

The Cloud Mexico

Rain Cloud Pilipinas

Cloud Puerto Rico

Cloud PuertoRico ~ Facebook
Cloud PuertoRico ~ Twitter

Cloud Peru (Rain Peru Fans)

Bi Rain Cloud Romania

Rain Cloud Russia

Rain (Singapore Clouds)

Rain Cloud Spain

Rain Cloud Srilanka

Rain Bi(Sweden-Danish North European Fan )

비with Rain-Cloud Taiwan

Rain’s Cloud Thailand
Rain’s Cloud Thailand

Rain Bi Tunisia

Bi Rain Turkey: Turkish Clouds


RainVietnam Rvn

To add your link to our list, you can email us at rain.cloud.america@gmail.com,
or leave it in the comment box below and we will be happy to include you in our
list. The only requirement, is that your website/ page, is devoted solely to
Jung Ji-hoon aka RAIN. Thank you.

Posted by: Shari R.


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