PROJECT RAIN 2014″ (First Project 2014)

“PROJECT RAIN 2014” (First Project 2014)  Completed on 30 December 2013


“PROJECT RAIN 2014” (First Project 2014)

A NEW PROJECT FROM Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide!
(See Translations Below)


Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide is making a special video to send special messages to Rain from all of us around the world. Sending him all our special wishes for him for year 2014. We want him to know how much we love him, and that we are behind him 1000%!!

If you would like to participate, then please send us your message to Rain, by the 19th of December 2013, and we will add your special message to rain. Your message will be added to the video, with recent photos of Rain (as shown in photo). It will be publicized on Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide’s WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts, for Rain, and the world to see.

To add your message to this video, please provide the following information and your special message here in the comments box below (you can use your FB/ Twitter/ Worpress Logins) Or, you can send it to to us at (whichever is easiest for you, but please do not add them as a comment on this photo) We need to receive them individually. thank you.

1. Specify “PROJECT RAIN 2014” or (First Project 2014)
2. Your special message wish to Rain for the new year.
3. Your name (This can be your real name, or a nickname. However, you wish Rain to know you is your choice, because this video will be publicized on the Internet. So it is your choice)
4. Location (This must be your REAL city, and country, so that Rain will know people love him around the world)


“All our best hopes for you in 2014 Ji-hoon! We will always be here, to Love and Support you, always and yeonwonhi!! with love from, Shari Randall, in Chicago, IL. USA”

Anyone who loves/ admires Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain can participate in this video. Please try to write your message to Ji-hoon in American/ English/ Korean/ Japanese/ Chinese. If you cannot, then please send it in your own language. There is not much time …so please hurry!!!!

Thank you and Happy Holidays,


Ega Randall ~ Susaye Greene ~ Shari Randall
@ Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide


Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice:

Arabic Chinese (T) Filipino French German
Hindi Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese
Korean Malay Polish Portuguese Romanian
Spanish Thai Turkish Urdu Vietnamese

Please excuse any discrepancies in Google Translations. We realize that while they are not entirely accurate; However, we feel that it is a worthwhile endeavour to try to reach more people in our support and promotion of Worldwide Entertainer Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain. We hope you will view with the love of Rain in your heart, and appreciate our efforts. Thank you. ^ ^


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