Rain’s Fan Meeting Invitation 2015


Rain’s Fan Meeting Invitation 2015


Rain Cloud America Worldwide Membership

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We are looking for members/ representatives in Asia and Europe and all around the globe to
represent Rain and Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide. In Addition, we’re looking for members/
representatives in all states within the USA, who will represent Rain and
Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide.

Many people have written to us, to ask the requirements. The requirements are very simple.
As a member/ representaive of Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide, you will agree to represent
Rain and Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide at any/ all of Rain’s concerts fan meetings,
signings, etc., within your own state/ country**. This includes making banners to support
Rain and to represent Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide for any/ all Rain’s functions that
you are able to attend.

Please note: Because we are a Worldwide Cloud, you can represent our Cloud and your
own Country’s Cloud simultaneously. For instance, you can belong to Cloud Germany,
Cloud Japan, Cloud Malaysia, etc., and also be a member of our Worldwide Cloud.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact us at rain.cloud.america@gmail.com
and please feel free to ask any question concerning being one of our members/ representatives.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon. 2015 is going to be a spectacular year for
Our Beloved Rain and for all his Clouds around the world!

~ Shari Randall

** Travelling outside your own state/ country is not required, but if you can travel
it would be a bonus to Rain and our Cloud.

Please Select Your Language:

Arabic Filipino Hindi Italian Malay Romanian Turkish
Chinese French Hungarian Japanese Polish Spanish Urdu
Danish German Indonesian Korean Portuguese Thai Vietnamese

Please excuse any discrepancies in Google Translations. Thank you. ^ ^


RAIN’S BIRTHDAY WISH DVD 2014. Only 12 hours until the Final Deadline for this Project.  We apologize that we do not have the time to explain the guideline individully. so please help us by veiwing our video for the project guidelines. And Please send us your private messages and photos for Rain’s birthday DVD. Thank you for your understanding and your help in make thisspecial gift for our beloved Ji-hoon’a. 🙂


Rain비-Cloud America Worldwide

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Rain비-Cloud America Worldwide is a non-profit organization designed specifically for the Global Support and Promotion of Worldwide Korean Star & Entertainer, Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain.

Shari Randall (Exc.Dir./Fdr)~Susaye Greene (Exc.Dir.)~Ega Randall (Exc.Dir.) Sour Niranda (Eec.Dir.)