Our Policies On Harmful Propaganda

1 9th Cloud Important Message All


In knowing, that my Cloud Sisters and I, are of one heart, when it comes to Rain. I am certain that I speak for everyone at Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide.

For Future Reference, Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide, does ‘not’ participates in the spreading of ‘any’ false rumors/ propaganda concerning Rain. Nor, do we participate in keeping damaging rumors/ propaganda alive, by continuing to discuss them on the Internet.

We formally request, that you do not tag our Cloud in the spreading of these types of harmful rumors/ propaganda, or in any discussions concerning them. We further request, that you remove ‘any and all’ tags that have included our Cloud concerning these matters. We will never participate in ‘anything’ that can be potentially harmful to Rain.

No matter how good your intentions are, the longer you continue to discuss false rumors and propaganda, the longer Rain suffers for it, and you risk doing him further harm. The best thing we can do for Rain’s sake, is to completely ignore false rumors/ propaganda.

We thank you, for your cooperation in this matter.

Shari R.

Co-Founder of Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide


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Please excuse any discrepancies in Google Translations. If you wish us to add your language, please let us know. Thank you. ^ ^

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