Message From Shari Randall @ Rain비 Cloud America WW

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Well …its been awhile, but I was verbally assaulted again today for defending our beloved Rain. A woman [who will remain nameless out of respect for her privacy] visited our Cloud today and made some very negative comments about our lovely Jihoona and his latest Korean drama.

I feel everyone [including myself] is entitled to their opinion ~ my response was merely to say ~ that for some of us ~ it is a simple and pure joy to see Rain, no matter what the drama or movie. I was very polite and in return I was called a fanatic and told that I should grow up.

why? perhaps because i didnt  agree with her that Jihoonas drama MLG was terrible and boring, or perhaps because I did not agree with her about her derocatory remarks about Krystal? IDK and IDC. I love Jung Jihoon.

I will always love ”everything” Jung Jihoon [Rain] does. why? Because Jihoon does everything with a great deal of heart and sweet innocence, and he does it well. Whether he is acting in a drama/ movie, modelling, or performing on stage. I enjoy watching him, and sharing in his joys and accomplishments.

Therefore, if this means that I am a fanatic, then I guess I am. However, if this means that I have to grow up, then I dont want to. Especially, if it means I will have to stop supporting  and protecting this man with the most beautiful heart I have ever known. Trust me when I tell you that any and all efforts to do that …are futile.

Please forgive me for saying so, but I have literally been to hell and back many times in my life, so forgive me if I want to find whatever happiness I can in my remaining years. My Family, My Friends, and Jung Jihoon [Rain] are my joy.

Besides, at 61 years old ‘growing up’ is something I no longer need to do. I believe people should always try to remain young at heart, throughout their lives. We need that to keep our spirits alive, especially at my age.

Now …I do realize, there are people in this world that are so miserable that they feel they must share that misery, so that people will know that they hurt inside …and I can always sense when this is the case. However, I must ask kindly that you do not inflict your misery,  upon a life that has already seen more pain than you can ever possibly imagine.

Whatever there is left to my life, whether it is a day, a month, a year, or 10 years, I want the autumn of my life to be as happy and peaceful as possible.

And that …is why I surround myself with truly good, happy, loving and kind people. Like Susaye, Rainda, Noraini, Adette, Samantha, Adry, Nami, Carmen, and Naomi, just a few of so many and all my loving Family and my Cloud Family and Friends around the world. I wonder sometimes if you all know how precious you are to my life.

So, it is with a sincere heart, that I hope that woman finds a little more happiness in her life, an does not feel the need to hurt others with her pain. Do not waste your life away in misery, or you will come to the end of your life with overwhelming regrets that will weigh you down. Find whatever happiness you can in life, and hold it always within your heart.

I love you all and Jihoona forever

Sharon ‘Shari’ Randall-Friday

Founder of Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide

25/ February/ 2015


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