Message From Rain ~ 21 Nov 2015

Rains message 21 nov 2015

This is a message from Rain himself concerning the false marriage rumors. He posted it on his instagram. For those who do not read Korean (hangul). This is Rain’s message to his fans (Clouds).

“Hello … This is Rain
It has been very cold lately, so please be careful of the flu.
There has been several confusing news articles concerning an
impending marriage. I have decided to write to you, because
I feel it is best you hear from me personally. Marriage is a once
in a lifetime event. A huge event for the couples involved.
Because of it’s magnitude, when the time comes, I believe it
will be right for me to tell my fans myself. I believe That will
be showing my respect to you all, and to all my long time fans.

So, from now on, please do not believe anything you hear,
unless you hear it directly from me.

Thank you”


Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide: Please share Rain’s wishes with all Clouds/ Fans. Thank you.

Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide:  Now, you all know why we do not allow any news articles on our Cloud that are not confirmed by Rain himself. Unconfirmed articles/ rumors can be harmful to people, and we owe this beautiful man so much, for all the love and the joy he has brought to our lives. Please, show him your love in return, by honoring his wishes. Thank you.

Rain비- Cloud America Worldwide지훈아,고맙습니다. 시간을내어 당신의 팬들이 메시지를 릴레이니다. 이 남자는 그래서 사랑하는하고 겸손한, 그가 보답으로 우리의 사랑을받을 가치 있는. 제발, 당신은 그를 기리는의해 그를 당신의 사랑을 표시 할 수 있습니다. 고맙습니다 Shari’ya

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