Loving Rain, Against The Odds

“My Spirit is My Own,
And My Heart Belong to Rain.
In My Life and Beyond …
My Spirit Will Always
Follow My Heart.”

……………………. ~ Shari R.

*     *     *     *     *

First, allow me to state, that since the day I fell ‘head over toes’ in love with RAIN aka Jung Ji-hoon, I knew he would be in my life as long as I was still breathing, and I still had a pulse. 🙂 I have since met, and come to love, many people with genuine and beautiful spirits. They are my Cloud Family.  🙂

The issue I would like to address here, is something I hear all too often among Rain’s Clouds. The rejections and persecution they have to endure from their families and so-called friends. This saddens me, and I would like to talk a little bit, about my feelings on that issue.

Please bear in mind, that this is my own feelings, from my own heart. Each life is different, each circumstance may be different. I am also aware that there are also sometimes cultural, familial, race, political, and religious circumstances. Although I do not have all the answers, I can only provide a possible outlook, and share my heart. What you choose to do with this, is entirely your own choice.

Having said that, I will share with you my thoughts, feeling, and my own circumstances. since I found Rain. I hope you will find them helpful/ enlightening. Also, if you ever need someone to talk to about this issue, I am only a Rain Cloud away. 🙂

*      *     *    *     *

First and foremost, only ‘You, Yourself’, can provide your own personal happiness. Each person must do this. Because in your own heart, you, are the only one who knows what truly makes you happy. Having said that, I do realize that not everyone is as free-spirited as I am.

I am not here to criticize your friends and family members who are doing what they ‘think’ maybe best for your life. Each person has their own unique set of circumstances to deal with. So there is no simple recipe/ solution for everyone.

What I am here to tell you. Is that it perfectly natural, to find your own personal happiness, wherever you may find it. People in your life, may be able to control your life to some degree, because of customs, religion, or culture. However, they cannot control your heart or your mind. These, are yours, and yours alone, to dictate.

You may walk in step, with the people around you, to conform (to a certain degree), to a set of ‘social rules/ norms’, and still allow your heart and mind to take you in an entirely different direction. We refer to this as ‘Our Happy Place’. Which I visit as often as time and circumstances allow. 😀

So, it is okay to walk instep with those around you, but do not allow others to dictate your private heart, or your mind, because you will never be truly happy, if you do. Myself personally, I try my best to remove people from my life who are negative and self-serving thinkers. Life is too short, to tolerate them. And, at my age, I only want to surround my life with good-hearted, positive minded people. Friends and Family included.

Unfortunately, in life, there are also people who are so discontent in their own heart, that they cannot bear to see others happy. And for Rain’s Clouds, this is sometimes a very real issue. In this instance, one of the biggest reasons is, Rain’s Clouds, beat with one heart, we are generally strong, positive, and loving people. Which, unfortunately, sometimes invoke envy and intolerance from those whom have not found their own personal happiness.

The rejection/ persecution by family/ so-called friends, is one of the reasons, why many Clouds refer to other Clouds as friends and family. They become our Sisters, Mothers, Aunties, and friends. Personally, I think it is a wonderful alternative, and in my case, and marvelous addition. It is natural for us to connect with people and things that make us happy. Especially, when ‘Our Happy Place’ (in this case, being our beloved RAIN!) is shared.

*     *     *     *     *

When my husband passed away in 2012, I returned to my family in the USA after 14 years of living across an ocean from them. Of course, I am one to always want to share my joy. So naturally, I wanted to tell everyone about our RAIN!!! 😀 Truly surprised, at just how many people did not know who Rain is.

First I must tell you, that I have always been a strong spirited woman, and I have never allowed ‘anyone’ to dictate my happiness. Not my family, my husbands, or my friends.

When I returned home and told my family about our beautiful RAIN, they all sort of frowned and looked at me like I was crazy. After all, I am a 62 year old Mother, Grandmother, and a Great-Grandmother, and Rain is young enough to be my son.

There were even a few comments and questions, here and there. Like ‘he is so young’, or ‘why do you like him so much’, and ‘that is so weird’, etc. One of my Granddaughters even asked me once …’Do you love Rain more than me?!’ I assured her that I could never love anyone more than my grandchildren, and that made her happy. ^_^

For the most part, my response to their comments and questions, was basically, ‘I simply adore Rain, he bring joy to my life, and he is not going anywhere’. 😉

My family soon came to realize this to be true, and because of their love for me, they have accepted that Rain is a permanent part of my life. No more comments, or question, now. Only acceptance. A few of my family members have also opened their hearts to Rain. and of course, there was ‘instant’ acceptance from the younger Koreans in my family. 🙂

*      *     *     *     *

In summarizing, I will simply say this.

Your life, your mind, and your heart, are your own. Sometimes, we have to make some hard choices for ourselves, that sometimes make others around us feel unhappy/ uncomfortable. This is life. If you live your life to please other people, then you will never truly be happy in your life. We cannot control what other people think or feel, and we should not want to.

Everyone, should think and feel, their own path in life. After all, it is your journey. Only you can decide which path you choose. People who truly love you, with an unselfish and loving heart, will choose to join you on your path, rather than to have you journey on without you.

Each person, must choose their own path to happiness in life. And when you find it, do not allow others, to cause you to lose your way.

From My Heart,

Sharon ‘Shari’ Randall-Friday
Bartlett, Illinois USA
07 October 2016

Most Recent Photo :P 2012 Syston, England

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2 responses to “Loving Rain, Against The Odds

  1. Thank you for this beautiful article open heart …. everything you say happens to many fans, but true love will never change Rain by many people who do not accept it, no matter who says it, 😘😘😘😘


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