Learning to Live with Ji-hoon’ism

1 Sweet Jihoona 2

by Sharon ‘Shari’ Randall

Ji-hoon’ism, is a state of mind, body & spirit when Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain
Permeates your life force. At the first sight/ sound of Ji-hoon’a, your heart
swells with love and affection. From that moment, you will experience
severe withdrawals when one’s senses cannot perceive him in some form.
I call this emotional experience ‘Ji-hoon’a Withdrawals’.

I have found that one can keep these withdrawals at bay, by ingesting a
little bit of Ji-hoon’a periodically throughout the day and night. This can
be truly be accomplished quite easily, by repeatedly viewing his photos
throughout one’s waking hours, and intermittently listening to his voice
[talking/ singing]. It is in this manner, that I get through each day …
Ji-hoon’a withdrawal-free. ^_^

Now, you might ask, how one can control these Ji-hoon’a Withdrawals
throughout the night. I have remedied this as well. I sleep with Ji-hoon’a
in my ears. Well, that is, I sleep ‘best’ by listening to the sweet sensuality
of Ji-hoona’s voice through my nifty set of earphones. Again, this can be
either listening to him talk or sing, or both. I have a soft tone Ji-hoon’a
playlist for night time …and when grocery shopping. ^_^

It is my contention to show that one can live a semi-normal life while
learning to live with the lifelong withdrawals of Ji-hoon’ism.

Therefore, if you are having difficulties with any major adjustment of the
incorporating the well-known effects of Ji-hoon’ism [aka the Rain Effect]
into your personal/ business life, please know that guidence is available
among the Rain Clouds. ^_^

Most Affectionately,

Shari R.


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7 responses to “Learning to Live with Ji-hoon’ism

  1. hi … i enjoy all the infos and datas most specially the photos of Bi …..well as for the Star of this site I pray that you will always be in pink of health, safe and most of all Happy …. cheers to the man who was always the main event……

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  2. Đang cố gắng học tiếng hàn quốc. Chỉ mong có có thể hiểu được những gì Bi Rain nói mà không cần phải phiên dịch .

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    • Tôi cũng đã được nghiên cứu, ngôn ngữ của Hàn Quốc, nhiều năm. Đề nghị của tôi, bạn đăng ký miễn phí tại của Hàn Quốc http://www.koreanclass101.com/index.php 101 sẽ gửi tin một email hàng ngày, với a từ mới vào bản học hỏi. Bạn cũng có có thể học các cụm từ, và làm thế nào để nói tiếng của Hàn Quốc, một cách chính xác. của Hàn Quốc 101 cũng có có video, bạn có thể xem trực tuyến miễn phí. I muốn bạn tốt nhất của may mắn và vui lòng thông báo cho tôi về sự thành công của bạn. cảm ơn bạn. ~ Shari Randall.

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