Ji-hoon’s Rememberence ~ Beloved Mother

Rain’s Biggest Sorrow in Life is losing his precious Mother whenhe was but a teenager.
 mourns her loss with deep regret that he was not able to do all the things for her
that he had hoped and dreamed. Rain’s Mother died from complications caused by her
untreated Diabetes. Rain visit’s his Mother’s memorial place often, and shares with her
all his joys and sorrows in life.  ~ Shari R.

Rain’s Biggest Regret in Life is Not Having Had the Chance to Gift His Mother

Rain paid a visit to his mother’s burial site on Mnet’s Rain Effect

January 9’s broadcast of Rain Effect will show Rain visiting his mother at her
burial site with his newly released album.

“I always go visit her when my album comes out,” said Rain. “I asked for her
help on the success of this album too. I also asked her to help me fight through
all the difficulties and be able to do my best.”

Rain’s Biggest Regret in Life is Not Having Had the Chance to Gift His Mother

After bowing before the site, Rain added, “My wish was to do something nice
for her with my own money. My biggest regret in life is that I never got the
chance to buy her a meal or a piece of clothing. I envy the people whose
mothers are alive.”

The day’s episode will also show Rain having a phone conversation with his
long time mentor Park Jin Young as well as the music video site for LA SONG.

Posted on: Mwave

Photo credit: CJ E&M

Posted By: Shari Randall 

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