Important Message From RainCloudHK


Please do not repost any photos revealing Rain and other actors/actresses shooting his new drama. This may force the crew to reshoot the scene, which happened before. Rain and the drama crew have a tight schedule shooting day and night. While they can’t stop some passers by taking photos, we as fans can at least stop helping to spread these photos. If you have reposted these photos please delete them ASAP . Thanks

— RaincloudHK
15  September 2016  


Although, Rain loves his Clouds / fans very much,  but you must understand that Rain needs to concentrate on his work. So please show some love to Rain by not interrupting the wonderful work he does for us, or taking photos which can cause the producers to re-shoot the scene.  If you have posted photos of Rain filming, please remove them. Thank you.

— Rain비- Cloud America

17 September 2016


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