Give Photo Credit Politely

Hello Clouds/ fans.

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We hope you are well and happy in your life.
We would like to have a brief word with all Rain’s Clouds/ fans.
Recently, we have noticed that there are still people
that remove Photographic Credit from other people’s photos of Rain.

Please understand what you are doing is insensitive.
Please put yourself in their shoes for just a moment, and
imagine how you would feel, if you had the opportunity
to meet Rain in person. Of course, you would want to
take a photo/ video of him. Right?

Then how would you feel, if someone removed your name from you photo?

Well, I do not know how you would feel, but I would feel
very sad and upset, that my fellow Clouds did not give me
credit for the photo I myself took.

Please be considerate of your Sister & Brother Cloud, and
please do not remove their name from their photograph.

It is because some people have no respect, they many people
write their name on/ across Rain in the photo. So people can’t
remove their tag from their photos;

I don’t know how other’s feel about that, but personally,
I really do not like photos of Rain with people’s names/
watermarks across Rain’s beautiful body.

Nonetheless, as long as their are selfish people who
remove photo tags from photos that are not their own.
There will be distrust among the Clouds, and people
will continue to write their names across Rain’s photos.

So please be kind and respectful of other’s photos.
After all, we are all Rain’s family, and we all love Rain.
We should work together to make our world a better place.

Thank you ^_^
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