Donations For Rain’s 38th Birthday!


Donations to Support Rain’s New drama on His 38th Birthday!

Hi, Fans (Clouds) 😀

We have a plan to show support for Rain’s new drama. Our plan is to send a coffee, juice/ snack truck to the drama set for Rain and fellow cast members.

We really hope many fans (Clouds) will participate in our celebration and support for Rain by sending your donation. We would like to be able to send a good quality food truck to the drama set for his birthday.

Also, if you send us a letter to celebrate birthday by e-mail, we will make it as a book. (Sound familiar? :D)

Hopefully, the participation of many fans will be forthcoming, to make meaningful wonderful present for Rain.

Thank You!!

(From Rain’s Korean Cloud)

Donation period: 14. May ~ 20. June
Mailing deadline: 14. May ~ 14. June

Here is how to send your donations:

Overseas Clouds Paypal account:

Korean fans account: 하나은행 183-910275-71507(ㄱㅅㅈ)

To send a letter for birthday:

Original Post @ RainsCafe on Naver

안녕하세요. 팬 여러분~

드라마 촬영 중에 생일을 맞이하는
아티스트 비님을 위해
생일 즈음 드라마 서포트(커피,음료차 혹은 간식차)를
예정하고 있습니다.
풍성한 생일 서포트가 드라마 촬영장으로 들어 갈 수 있게
많은 팬분들의 참여를 부탁드립니다.

또한 생일 축하 편지를 이메일로 보내 주시면
책으로 만들어 전달할 예정입니다.
의미 있는 멋진 선물이 완성되기 위해
많은 팬분들의 참여를 바랍니다.

모금기한: 5월14일~ 6월20일까지
편지기한: 5월14일~ 6월14일까지

한국 팬 계좌번호: 하나은행 183-910275-71507(ㄱㅅㅈ)

해외 팬 Paypal account:

축하 편지 보내는 곳:

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