Crazy Old Cloud? Yea or Nay? :D

1 Beautiful Jihoona 2
I try never to pass an opportunity to share our beautiful Rain 😀

Forgotten message, now deleted:

I was eliminating old FB messages and found this was still among them. I had forgotten about this, or it surely would have been deleted. I have endured much in my life, and becoming a Cloud, proved to be no exception.

Remember back at the beginning of the year when that terrible rumor was being spread about our beloved Rain (i.e. the fake shower picture that was supposedly found on Kim Tae hee phone)? Well I am sure that you also remember how upset Rain was, and that he sued many people over the false rumor.

Rachel Lau, was one of the people who helped to spread that rumor, and even attempted to publish it on our Cloud. Needless-to-say, I was furious about the false rumor, and that anyone would try to hurt such a beautiful man.  I was so upset when I saw that someone had actually posted this smut on our Cloud, that I acidentally spilled my morning coffee all over my laptop keyboard, rendering it permanently useless.

Even so, I did not wish to hurt or embarrass Ms Rachel Lau, by embarrassing her in public, so I wrote her a private message (just one) to tell her why she was now banned from our Cloud. Make no bones about it! I love that beautiful man, and I don’t care how old I am, I am not going to stop loving him and trying to protect him.

This was Rachel Lau’s reply to my message.

1 annoyances

Well … I might be a ‘crazy old b**ch’, but this crazy old b**ch is Proud to be one of Rain’s Clouds! He is a special and extraordinary namja, and in my opinion, everyone in the entire universe should love him! Rain loves all his Clouds/ fans, no matter their age/ culture. I will love Jung Ji-hoon until I take the last breath of my life, and my heart takes its final beat, and if possible my spirit will protect him after I pass beyond the veil of life.

I never did reply to Rachel’s rude message; however, on my own behalf, I think mature Clouds like myself are of benefit to Rain. Susaye and I are very supportive of Rain‘s career.  Also, if I had not seen the need,then I would have been content to love him silently, without having created Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide. Furthermore, if caring, when people try to hurt this precious man, makes me an idiot? Then I am indeed, in good company, because Rain has many beautiful Clouds, who care just as much as I do.

As for her comment ‘tat is not your cloud’ … I beg to differ. It is indeed our Cloud, and we are here for the same reason all Rain’s Clouds are here for …to Love, Support, Promote, Respect, Protect, and simply Adore Jung Ji-hoon aka Rain, to the best of our abilities. 😀 My health is not always good, so for anyone who remotely thinks I am a Cloud for any other reason …think again! I do what I do for Ji-hoon’a …Only for Ji-hoon’a. If it were for myself, I would have packed it in long ago.

I would also like to add, that Rain, in fact, does not need people who spread false rumors and false propaganda, especially not his own Clouds! I actually could not believe, how many of Rain’s Clouds jumped on the ‘band wagon’ when that terrible rumor was first publicized on the Internet. Please understand, that part of supporting Rain, is to ‘not’ spread ‘unconfirmed’ rumors. It is our job to protect him from this type of hate …not to fuel the fire! So, Please employ some basic common sense, before you do something that could be harmful, to our beautiful namja.

Thus, for future reference, to one and all. Please, do not attempt to publish/ post any rumors/ articles on our Cloud (or any of our websites), that are not confirmed by Rain‘s Agency, or Rain himself.

Thank you For your visit.

Shari Randall
9th ‘Pink’ Cloud & Co-Founder of
Rain비 Cloud America Worldwide

Please feel free to posts your comment/ opinions in this matter. You can post here/ FB. I am interested to know just how many people agree/ disagree with Rachel Lau. I am brave enough to speak my mind?! Are you?? 😀


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