2015 Fall In Love With RAIN

Message From Rain’s Official Japan Cloud 07 Oct 2015. ‘2015 Fall In Love With RAIN‘ Special.

im already in love lol

Date: 10/07/15 23:30:31
Subject: <2015 Fall In Love With Rain 釜山ハロウィーンパーティー>3次募集開始

今回、釜山で開催する「2015 Fall In Love With Rain 釜山ハロウィーンパーティー」では彼の魅力的なパフォーマンスはもちろん、ファンの皆様と一緒に楽しめる最高のステージを準備いたしました。




<2015 Fall In Love With Rain 釜山ハロウィーンパーティー>


2015年10月30日(金) ~ 11月01日(日) 2泊3日

2015年10月8日(月) 16:00 ~ 先着

2)参加者全員に直筆サイン入りポスターとキャンディー手渡し(1人1つ) ←2次募集追加
– 参加者全員に直筆サイン入りポスターとキャンディー手渡しの風景を入れて
CDで贈呈(1人一枚)  ←2次募集追加
-‘RAIN’の抽選による1:1写真撮影+プレゼント贈呈(5名) ←3次募集追加
10‘RAIN’ファンミーティング特製印刷サイン入り写真集1冊 ←2次募集追加

★ツアー詳細はこちら     10/8(木) 15:00頃 詳細発表します

【取扱旅行会社 】 ㈱ 日本旅行 メディアトラベルセンター


ENGLISH TRANSLATION (Worldwide Translations below)

This time, “2015 Fall In Love With Rain Busan Halloween party” in his charming performance be held in Busan, of course, we prepare the best stage to enjoy along with everyone of the fans.

Please try to fall in love with the 2015 ‘RAIN’.

Details of the content and how to sign up on this tour Please check the following website.

We look forward to your participation!

★ event name
<2015 Fall In Love With Rain Busan Halloween party>

★ location
Busan, South Korea

★ Tour Dates
October 30, 2015 (Friday) – November 1 (Sun) 3 days, 2 nights

★ Entry Dates
October 8, 2015 (Mon) 16:00 – arrival

★ event point of
1) handshake meeting with all participants
2) autographed posters and candy handed it (one person, one for all participants) ← 2 primary recruiting additional
– Put the landscape of autographed posters and candy handed to all participants
Presented in CD (1 person one) ← 2 primary recruiting additional
3) All participants and group photo shoot (every 10 people) one person with one
4) Halloween party special concert to enjoy along with the fan (10 songs song) for Watching
5) talk show (the gift presented five people by the game and lottery)
For us grant your wishes in the lottery of -‘RAIN ‘
By lottery of -‘RAIN ‘1: 1 photography + treasured goods gift (5 persons)
By lottery of -‘RAIN ‘1: 1 photography + gift presentation (five) ← 3 primary recruiting additional
Photo time of 6) ‘RAIN’
7) ‘RAIN’ music video material Video & unpublished video screenings
8) ‘RAIN’ Fan Meeting one special calendar
9) ‘RAIN’ Fan Meeting one special print autographed Clear File
10’RAIN ‘Fan Meeting special print autographed photo book one book ← 2 primary recruiting additional
[Lotte Hotel Busan Guest limited]
‘RAIN’ Fan Meeting original memorabilia (Crystal) gift!

★ tour details will be announced details around here 10/8 (Thursday) 15:00

[Handling travel company] Co., Ltd. Nippon Travel Agency Media Travel Center
Reservations and inquiries by phone is not accepted.


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